Charlie : Sonnet

The stars would be jealous of you, Charlie You shone brighter than all of them combined To me, your kisses tasted of honey You stole my heart, Charlie, you robbed me blind Each time you smile, I fall deeper for you I drowned in those deep pools you called your eyes You were consuming me without a clue But I let you, Charlie, I don’t know why Amidst the hurricane of loving you I told myself that you would soon be gone Your heart will find itself with someone new I’m going to lose you, my only one The stars … Continue reading Charlie : Sonnet

too much

you’re a mess you’re broken bottles adorn your apartment floor and i’m standing outside your door   are your eyes too swollen to see that i’m here did she break you completely what if you don’t need me tell me if i’m getting too near   I love you too much to see that I’m not who your tears are for   I love you too much to stop when it hurts only to come back and ask for more   I’m here there’s no need to cry your heart is too broken so let me give you mine   … Continue reading too much